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Statutory Info

Statutory Information

Contact Details

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquirers should be addressed is:

Mrs J Lapsa, Vernon Terrace Primary School, Vernon Terrace, Northampton NN1 5HE.

Tel:01604 633894

Admission Arrangements

Our admission arrangements for the school, relevant for each age group, including any arrangements for selection, any over subscription criteria and an explanation of the process of applying for a school place can be viewed at this link to the Northants CC Website.

School Prospectus

Our school prospectus can be found by Clicking Here (last updated 09/2016)


Our school Ofsted Reports can be found by Clicking Here

Key Stage 2 Results & School Performance Tables

Our KS2 results and School performance data is held online at the Education website, which can be found by Clicking Here. Achievement and attainment data can be found by clicking Here.

School Curriculum

The school’s policy is to provide a broad, balanced education which is delivered through a knowledge and skills based creative curriculum, ensuring that equal opportunities are given to all children. We follow the programmes of study as laid down in the National Curriculum and have changed our provision to reflect the changes being made to statutory curriculum coverage from September 2014, please click here to see our School Curriculum Policy

A copy of our British values can be found Here.

Pupil Behaviour

Our Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy will advise you on how we manage discipline and behaviour at Vernon Terrace Primary School, which can be found by Clicking Here (last updated 05/2016)

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is government money designed to help disadvantaged children and young people to do well at school.

Information around how we use the Pupil Premium grant at Vernon Terrace Primary School can be found by Clicking here. Our pupil premium statement Here (last updated 02/2018)

PE and Sports Premium

Information around how we use the Sports Premium grant can be found by Clicking here(last updated 09/2016)

Special Educational Needs

Our Inclusion Policy including SEN can be found by Clicking here (last updated 01/2016)

Disability Policy

Please click here

School Ethos and Values

A statement of the school's ethos and values can be found in our Prospectus

Child Safeguarding

At Vernon Terrace Primary School, we have a range of procedures and policies designed to keep children safe whilst in our care. Key policies include Child Protection,  E-Safety, Anti-Bullying and Safer Recruitment. Our safeguarding policy can be found by Click here (last updated 09/2017) and Child Protection Click here(last updated 09/2017)

School Uniform

Our School uniform policy can be found by Clicking here

Healthy Pack Lunches

Information on a balanced pack lunch can be found by Clicking here

Staff, Parents and Children Working Together Policy

A copy of Working Together Policy can be found by Clicking here

Internet and E-safety Policy

The school's internet and e-safety policy can be found by Clicking here


Complaints Policy can be found by Clicking here

Parents View

Parents view can be accessed through Clicking here. Our parents questionnaire can be found here.

KS1 Reading Scheme and Approach

Please click here

Homework Policy

Please click here

Governors' Business Interests and attendance

This can be found by Clicking Here

If anyone would like a hard copy of the policies please contact the school office

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