Vernon Terrace

Year 4 trip to Brixworth

Last week,we went to Birxworth Castle/Church. First, we went to an Anglo-Saxon Church. When we arrived, we looked at all the old and new stuff about the church and talked about the colourful windows. It was about the story of Jesus. Next, we had to go through a graveyard to get to the Church garden.After that,we got out our sketch book and drew the cross statue outside of the church.Then, we went to the church garden and had snack we had gloopy, sticky, golden pancakes. When we finished this, we then went on the mini-bus to Brixworth Country Park.

At Brixworth, we learned about how they control floods and prevent flooding downstream in Northampton. We visited the awesome playground and had lunch there too. After, we went on the gnomes walk in the forest. We found lots of interesting things. It was a really fun day out.

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