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Week commencing 5/3/18

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Another week in Year 6 is finished with a lot of interesting things happening in it.

On Monday we were doing questions about our heart andon Tuesdaywe were looking on iPads to find their answer. One of the most interesting question was “ How does the heart keep itself alive?”

In Maths we were looking at making 2D and 3d shapes. We were looking to find their angle and many others.

In Sciencewe were looking at one of the most known body system under the name of theCirculatory System. We learned how it flows around the body and what body parts are used in it.

This was one awesome week as we learned a lot of new things. Hopefully next week we will learn a brand new thing.


This week was very interesting and we had lots of work to do .

On Monday , we were making lots of questions about “human hearts” and one Tuesday we were looking on ipads to find the answers. My favourite question was “Why do some people haves holes in their hearts .

This week , in maths we were trying to find areas of some shapes. We also measured angles of some shapes .

In science, we were looking at the most known body system called Circulatory System . We learned about some parts of the body and what do they do .


This week we have been doing amazing things such as

Literacy : we have been thinking of doing a chronological report

Maths: we have been doing shapes

Science: we were looking at the circulation system

Literacy2: we got a sugar paper and writ some facts down

Maths2: we were doing 2D shapes

Literacy: we answered the question and we copied it into a literacy books

From Jayden Clifton

This week (with math) we have been working with shapes and nets.First of all we drew shapes and measured them in area and perimeter.We then tried to figure out the third angle on a triangle and I found it quite tricky.After that,we cut out nets and glued them together to make 2d shapes.

On to literacy.To help us write a chronological report we started off by writing out questions about the heart in the human body.Then we answered the questions in our books.


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