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Week commencing 23/3/18

It's been a busy couple of weeks with the Otters, what with the impending SATs and all of the work we try to do.

Over the weeks since the start of term we have been looking at electrical circuits in science both building them and repairing them.

Click on the links to have a look.

Building Circuits:

Repairing Circuits:

This week's blog is brought to courtesy of: Kledion, Nojus, Shakil & Maisha.


This week in year 6 we have written limericks,which are funny poems that have five lines.The way we planned our limericks was we read some actual limericks and planned our own,then we thought of words and what rhymes with them. Then in the afternoon we wrote them up in pen. On Tuesday we did circuits which is basically electricity and made buzzers and lights turn on,it was such fun!


Hello everyone I'm Nojus and I'll be telling you what we did this week

Firstly on monday we got to school and did some limericks (if you don't know what that is it is a rhyme) it was a lot of fun and next we went to playtime so after we did some long division and then we went to 3 way split

On Tuesday we did science


Hello this week we were learning about victorians and their daily life.we also are looking at famous victorians like Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Fry, Edwin Chadwick and Sir Robert Peel.

For maths we are looking division and long multiplication.


This week we have been learning about the industrial revolution and in maths we have been doing division and multiplication and science were we have doing circuits but instead of writing everything here I"ll write it in a more formed way ……

Literacy: we started off the week by finishing off our limericks but after that we were writing facts about social reformers such as ; Octavia Hill,Edwin Chadwick,Elizabeth Fry,Lord Shaftesbury and much more

Maths: in maths we have been multiplication by multiplying 5 digit numbers by 3 digit numbers and long division which was kind of hard at first because we"re all used to chunking but it got easier .

Science: in science we have been connecting circuits to make a light bulb and a buzzer then writing the rest in our book

And that"s all we did this week now we have golden time byeee

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