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Our Space Centre Adventure

Space Centre

On Thursday 9th of February we went to the space Centre on the mini-bus and it took forever to get there.

When we arrived the man at the Space Centre told us all about it. First we saw the giant rocket, then we watched  a 3d film about astronauts in space, it was fun.

Afterwards we had our lunch. Next we walked around and looked at an astronaut suit and went inside a space capsule. Then it was time to go home. I had a great day.

   By Kaidon 

Space Centre Adventure!

On Thursday 9th. February we all went to visit the space centre. 

We waited outside for the man who came to help us. Next we went to see two large rockets, it was very exciting! 

Afterwards we all watched a 4D film. I enjoyed the film. Then we went to eat our lunch with lots of other children from different schools. After that we had a look around. We saw planets, stars and a real astronauts suite. Finally we went to get into our mini-bus to go home. 

By Natalia Staszek Year 5. 


Our Space Centre Trip. 

First we got onto the mini-bus. It took a long time to get to the space centre. Finally we arrived. First we went to the lifts to see the huge rockets. Next we saw a space man. Mrs. Pugh took photographs of all of us. We all went home. 

By Harley Year 2. 

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