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Otters Week 4 Term 5

Wow! What a busy week it has been and right before SATs too.

However we have been up to lots as usual have a look below.

 Work with angles and triangle in the sunshine:

Creating soundscapes for an Industrial Revolution scene using the sequencers on Garage Band

Creating new playground games using existing equipment.

Anyway lets hear from Bogdan and Palwasha to find out more.

The last week in Year 6 before SATs has been a pretty busy because…

On Tuesday,we started our Draft Biographies of our Victorian social reformer. In Maths we looked at Triangles.

On Wednesday,in P.E we created our own game ( in groups of four ) and presented it to four kids. Most of them said that the really liked our game. In Maths we looked at Compound Shapes.

On Thursday,we looked at quadrilaterals ( finding out their angles and length ) and we started our real Biographies in pencil.

On Friday,we went to AstroTurf for our P.E lesson. In Miss Clark’s lesson we learned more about relay races. In Miss Pugh’s lesson we played a couple of matches of Rounders. After returning to VTPS we learned about Islamic Relief.

This week has been a great one and hopefully next week it could be the same, a great and fun week.

By Bogdan

On Monday we weren't here because it was a bank holiday so we had an extra day off.

But sadly we were back on Tuesday and we started drafting our Victorian Social Reformer information that we collected into biographies .

Then we had three ways split as usual but it was our very last three ways split before the sats.The same maths and Reading but we also did sewing we sewed a Victorian times noughts and crosses hich was kind of fun.Afterwards we went out for a playtime . Finally it was home time.

On Wednesday in Maths we did area of quadrilaterals and in the afternoon we did P.E .For it we designed our own games that we thought year 4 and year 3 kids would enjoy playing .

On Thursday we finished of our biographies. In maths we did compound shapes for that we were trying to find the area of it and we did it in our books .Some people found it okay some people found it tricky but we got through it.We also did circuits for science .

On friday we did P.E we played rounders for it. Then we did R.E for that we did charity names and stuff. Then we finished of some science.


See you all next week!

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