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Otters Week - 30/4/18

Once again we have reached the end of another busy week, we have been working with fractions, looking at Victorian social reformers and working with parallel circuits. As well as lots of revision for SATs and going to the Astro Turf.

The Victorians we are looking at can be found here:

Do you know what they did?

Well we did their timelines outside, check it out:

Anyway enough from me lets hear from Lindsey, Jagoda, Oskar and Wiktoria about what we did.


Hi my name is Jagoda and today I am going to tell you what have we done this week. So on Monday we did some research on our Victorian reformer and write it in our jotters. On Tuesday we did literacy on finding facts about our social reformers from the Victorian times and copying in our topic books and then we did maths on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator . On Wednesday we did guided reading and some maths on multiplying and dividing fractions by a different denominator and then we started our timelines of our social reformer. On Thursday we did our boxing up plans about our social reformer and on maths we did just dividing fractions and simplify them. On Friday we did RE and then we did literacy on writing our biography toolkit and our biography draft.


This week :


We were on our maths tables and doing, adding and subtracting fractions.


This day we went outside and took the chalk to make a timeline about the people who were famous in the olden days.


In the morning the whole class was split into 6 groups and we were doing guided reading and after play we were multiplying and dividing fractions.

In the afternoon we had 3 way split to get ready for sats in a couple of weeks.


In the afternoon we were making a circuit but using only a power source and a 3 light bulbs and after play we were writing what we saw in our books.


In the morning we had P.E for an hour and after play we had R.E with Miss Clark.

In the afternoon we were writing a biography about a famous person.

By Wiktoria Andrzejczak


Hi my name is Lindsey and I"m going to tell you what we did this week. In literacy we did some research on our characters from the Victorian times. On Tuesday we subtracted and added fractions. On Wednesday we had guided reading and we went outside to do some timelines in partners. Thursday we did our boxing up plans about the Victorians. Friday we did RE in literacy on writing our biography toolkit and did our biography draft.


On Monday in literacy we made a tool kit on our topic Revolution we also researched more on our social reformers which were Edwin Chadwick,Lord Shaftesbury,Octavia Hill and many more people they all had something they done was very clever and helpful to the world.

In maths it was fractions multiplying,adding and subtracting them it was very fun because I love maths and many other people too throughout the whole of the week we researched more on our reformers

In P.E.we did cricket with bats we practised throwing balls at the stumps with a straight arm it was very fun now today on friday we did batting too.

Now on Friday we finished of our biography drafts.

See you all next week

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