Vernon Terrace

Garden Room in the spring

Term 4 in Garden Room is going to be a busy one - it's almost the planting and seed sowing time so we are looking forward to lots of time outside.

We are going to become 'roving reporters' and make our own Newspaper for Garden Room - we'll be reporting on our preparations for the garden, the adventures we have on the new Vernon Terrace Allotment - and of course World Book Day and Easter.

On 27th February we did our monthly trip to Overstone - our newspaper headline was 'SNOWVERSTONE!"

because there was a dusting of snow everywhere as we did our 'search for signs of spring'.

We did find some exciting things - watch this space as they will appear in our Newspaper reports -

Week 1

We made our first trip to the school allotment. It was FREEZING!

We did well though - digging through the sticky, claggy mud we managed to weed a big bed and plant some rhubarb and a gooseberry bush. Some of us also weeded the strawberry bed. We needed a hot drink when we got back to school!

Week 2

Fraction Snack

Our maths work is on fractions this term so we started off by having 'fraction snack' where we needed to cut our toast or crumpets into quarters, thirds, sixths or eighths. It was tricky to make them all the same size!

And amongst all the snow it was World Book Day. Look how fabulous we look in our costumes

We all had a book which was wrapped in paper so we didn't know what it was. We read the book and them made up a title and cover which we thought summed up the book well. Watch this space to see our finished books!

week 4

We have been writing news reports about the big freeze and been shopping to get seeds to plant flowers in our garden.

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