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Blood Heart week 2

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This week's blog has been bought to you by: Liam, Sandeep, Kledion, Palwasha, Michelle & Aarron

This blog is about us cutting hearts and making shape poems about the heart

The first thing we did was a shape poem.It was hard to make because we needed to make it as a love heart or a heart in your body.Most people made the heart inside your body but they would because the want to make it as real as possible.When we have done we polish it in green pen and then we do it in handwriting pen.some people were scared because they would get it wrong but others just rushed it so they don't stay in.Until we have done we put our books away.

After the next day we were cutting a heart and Mr Madeley told us how we cut a heart.The things he told us to not point the knife at someone.Inside your body the heart has strings inside your heart and there were valves that pump the blood sells out.suddenly,we ran out of time so we packed away and took our aprons of with our gloves and threw them into the bin with the hearts and knives.At the end of the day we made a blog and title page for our new topic . Blood Hearts!

From Liam

This week was an extremely fun week!

We took turns in groups to resuscitate a dummy in orchard room on Tuesday.

It was tricky to remember what we must do but we got there.

Everyone came back and said theykissed a dummy!

Wednesday we dissected a sheep's heart!

Most people were disgusted by it.

We used craft knives,disposable aprons and gloves.

This week,overall,was a fantastic set of events(apart from the normal stuff!)also including shape poems and science.


This week in year six we have learned all about the human body.On Monday we started our shape poetry which is basically a poem in the shape of what you want to write about.On Tuesday we did resuscitation or CPR for short,if you don’t know what that is,it is helping someone who isn't breathing to breath(bare in mind we did not do this on a real person because that’s just weird) so first we checked if the ‘person’ was awake then we called for help,after we pushed down on its heart and then blew in its mouth.On Wednesday (the day i’m writing this)we dissected a real lamb’s heart,we all found this fun even though it was disgusting.We cut it and put water in it to clean the blood in the heart.


This term our topic is called Blood Heart which is all about the blood circulation.In the topic we have written some shape poems we used the heart shape either the anatomical heart or the traditional love heart shape ( i chose the traditional cause its really easy to draw). We have also cut up some sheep hearts which was really gross. But it was really interesting and fun to look at and find other stuff in it ! Some of them had a lot of blood in them, some didn’t but it was a great experience!

We also did a lot of maths mostly active but just a bit of recording in our books.In maths we did Adding , subtracting,dividing and multiplying fractions.We also did decimals and percentages,most people are now very comfortable with maths! We also did some word problems.

We also had our 3 ways split where we do maths,reading and grammar ,punctuation and spellings. Every monday and Tuesday. For the maths we do different test papers.

For reading we do old sats papers and last of all in the grammar we do spellings and different punctuations and also play games to do with that stuff!

Other than that we have had our free time so basically play time and lunch time!!

By Palwasha


My Blog

This week we have been learning about the human body ( blood heart).We started off by doing a draft of a shape poem and then doing it in best.We then got sent to Miss Pugh to do resuscitation ( CPR ).I felt weird doing it but i got used to it after a demonstration from one of my classmates.I burst into the classroom and told everyone about the resuscitation and everyone shouted ew really loudly.✌❤️

The next thing we did was dissecting a sheep’s heart.It was absolutely gruesome and smelled disgusting.It was very exciting so nearly everyone tolerated the strong smell.We had:aprons,gloves,trays,beakers and syringes.I felt like a real scientist but soon enough all the fun ended as i had to go to Miss Pugh to do circle time.And we ended the day by playing in the frosty snow.It was one of the most exciting days ever in school.Hope you like my blog.❤️



This term our topic is blood heart which is all about the blood,circulation system and the heart, and how it works . For the past week in our literacy we have been working on shape poetry (shape poetry is a poem which in a shape of what its describing ) and our shape is the heart . We could choose which shape we could us, and those were the original love heart or the anatomical heart . I particularity chose to do the love heart , mostly because it is easier to draw .

In maths (last week )we have been working on adding, multiplying and taking away fractions which was a bit of a challenge but we got through it. I found out how to divide fractions which is easy-peasy you just flip one fraction and multiply across . This week we have been working on decimal places and finding percentages of numbers (for e.g 5%of 100=5). I’m not sure what we are going to do next week but I’m looking forward to it .

Today we have dissected a sheep's heart it was disgusting . Luckily we had gloves and aprons . We also needed to manhandle them . We had syringes with water so that we could squirt them in the valves of the heart . Everytime I did it the water came out another valve which was fascinating . We also got craft knives and cut open a sheep's heart there wasn't much inside but still it was awesome .

By Aarron Topi

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