Vernon Terrace


What fun we had on our trip to Delapre Park!

  • We had fun!

    "I liked climbing really high in the tree" Jack (Year 4 )

    "I loved picking up the pine cones ." Stephanie (Year 5)

    "I liked hiding from the teachers" Areebah (Year 6)

    "I like collecting Leaves" Darius (Year 6)

    "I enjoyed the Squirrels running around." Cassius (Year 3) 

    "I liked climbing the massive tree" Stephanie (Year 5)

"My favorite part was climbing the trees" Kai (year 2)

"I liked picking up the leaves,rocks and sticks." Harley (Year 3)

"I made a tree house" Edgars (year 4)

"I tried to make fire with rocks" Abdullahi (year 4)

"My favorite part was under the bushes looking for rocks with Maya" Dovydas (year 4) 

"I enjoyed looking at the pretty flowers in the garden" Danielle (year 2)

"I liked drinking the hot chocolate"  Maya ( Year 3)

"I liked climbing as high as possible in the trees" Erica  

"I liked making a big den with sticks"  Momena (year)

"I liked climbing trees" Keirah (year 2 )


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