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Week beginning 11th June

We have been back at school after our restful half term break for nearly two weeks already- where does the time go.
In numeracy, we have been studying measuring: including length, capacity, weight and even angles!
After completing our letter to Bugtopia to thank them for their fantastic visit and giving us the chance to find out about such fascinating creatures!

We have begun our new topic called 'Scream Machine' during which we will find out everything there is to know about theme parks. we have already carried out lots of research and begun to design our own 'thrill ride'
Last Thursday  we had a fantastic math's day based on the story of the 'Three Little pigs' we got the chance to meet lots of farm animals and experiment with straw, wood and bricks- all while honing our mathematical skills throughout the day.  

Week beginning-  14th May

We had to be extra quiet this week moving around the school as Year 6 are doing their SATs - shhh..
in topic we have been finding out about a frog fiasco - a great story about an invasion of flying frogs that cause chaos in the middle of an american town. We then story mapped out own ideas for our own newspaper story.
In maths we continue to work on multiplication, working out different ways to memorise the timetable we need to learn next.
In art we have been making fantastic bead insects, they look fantastic hanging on the tree in our classroom.

In PE we did a fun game, a bit like cricket, but with a football, scoring as many runs as we can!

Week beginning 21st May

In maths we have been working out which is our favourite method to do multiplication sums. Some  of us prefer the expanded,  some of us prefer the column method. Some of us got onto working out word problems.

In topic we have written our own news report about an invasion of imaginary insects- we had all invented an insect that had super powers. We had great fun letting our insects cause all sorts of trouble!

In PE we played 'Diamond Cricket' we quickly got the hang of the rules and had great fun bowling, batting and catching.

In Re we got to have our henna designs onto our hands and wrists, they looked absolutely beautiful..

To complete the week, we had a fantastic treat. 'Bugtopia' came into see us. We got the opportunity to  touch and hold some amazing creatures including: stick insects, millipedes, praying mantis, cockroaches and of course ......a tarantula.  Mrs Marlow was very impressed with how brave we were!

30th April

We have been completing our work on Roman Numerals, even doing adding and subtracting with them!
In topic we were putting the finishing touches to our kennings, we have displayed them in the class, they look brilliant.

1st May
We went to the astro turf with year 4 for the whole morning. We had great fun playing different games, moving from one activity to the next.
In the afternoon some of us went to visit to our school allotment. We helped tidy it up, and planted seeds ready for autumn vegetables.

2nd May
We had guided reading in the morning as well as doing a maths of the day activity, which involved a lot of running around!

3rd May
We started work on designing our own 'super mini beast' based on the insect we had been researching. it was great fun and we all let our imagination run wild.

4th May
In numeracy we have been making connections between, decimals, percentages and fractions and answering all sorts of problems about them

8th May
Another trip to the astro-turf, the weather was really warm today, so we all had to drink plenty of water to keep our energy levels up.

9th May
We had a skip a thon at school today, the school council were raising funds.
In the afternoon we had a real challenge making insects out of beads - they are beginning to look amazing

11th May
We started planning our newspaper report based on our invented 'super insects' it was great thinking of all the tricky situations they could get into
  17 th April

On Tuesday in the morning we did tennis we got into partners and had a game of two v.s two .It was very fun and we all enjoyed it .In the afternoon we learned a bit about our topic beast creator and we had a insects hunt around the school

Wednesday 18th April

On Wednesday we sketched pictures of the mini beasts we found on our hunt .We also did some guided reading in the morning.

Thursday 19th April

On Thursday we did some maths .In maths we rounded decimals and in the afternoon we drew some hindu symbols with miss Witkiss .As it was very warm we went to work outside.

Friday 20th April

On Friday we finished our beast creator title page . In french we learned animal names, in science we learned how to group animals.

By Maja P Olivia J  Michalina S 

week begining Monday  23rd April

 In maths we did adding and subtracting decimals. It was very simple.In topic we wrote about one insect of our choice. There was a lot of ladybirds and butterflies. When we came in class from lunch we read silently.  After that we did (Personal Social  Health Education) which stands  for PSHE . Later on we wrote in our diary.

            Tuesday 24th April 

Today we are  in a hurry to a field to do PE.Our teacher split us into 4 groups and mixed us up with the year 4.      hin
At the field we did different   actives like dodge ball, hockey, football and jumping exercise. Today we did drawing of 
Hindu symbols like lotus flower  or the om sign.  It was great fun.

Wednesday 25th April

Today we did guided reading some groups changed books. We go round in circles clock wise and do reading comprehensions , finishing work off , maths , newspapers  and reading books.In the afternoon we did numeracy and art.

Thursday 26th April

Today with did maths with Mrs Marlow  it was a fun session. After playtime we did topic and in topic we designed our own mini - beasts in the afternoon we had a teacher swap round we had Mrs Clark

Week beginning 26th March 2018

A busy final week of the term. We completed our descriptive writing of our imaginary worlds and started to find out about decimals and finding out the value of each digit, we then rounded our numbers up and down to the nearest tenth, hundredth and thousandth.  
We had our final swimming lesson of  the year, we had a lot of fun racing each other to collect easter eggs and place them in the baskets.
On the final day,Thursday, it was lovely to see so many parents all interested in finding out about how the children are getting on.
Well done too,to all the children who entered the decorative Easter Egg competition. They contributed to a brilliant display that the whole school produced.

Week beginning 19th March 2018

This week we have been reading 'Toms Midnight Garden' by Philippa Pearce and using it as a springboard to our descriptive writing about a imagined land. The children have been coming up with many ideas exciting ideas and I am looking forward to reading their descriptions.
In maths we completed our work on improper fractions and mixed numbers ( including going on a fraction hunt in the garden) and moving onto decimals.
In science we have been waiting for our bread to go moldy and looking at the spores through a microscope- it looked amazing!
With only one swimming lesson remaining, this week, we worked towards our certificates- and everyone in the class got one and we were all in achievement assembly.
Children have still been making their Tudor flapjacks and we have been enjoying them at snacktime.
We also welcomed two new children to the class.

Week beginning 13th March

We have been looking at poetry this week as part of our topic on 'Time Traveller', adding movement to each verse, the children learned the poem off by heart. They then used this poem to inspire their own poem about a person who is of a different generation to themselves.Their poems are quite fantastic!
In numeracy we have been converting improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa.

In swimming the children have been working towards their swimming certificates, all children made great progress and achieved a certificate that they will get in achievement assembly next Friday.

In art we have painted our medieval goblets we made out of clay, they look fabulous decorating our classroom.  We also continue to take turns in making our Tudor style cakes.

Week beginning 5th March

I n numeracy, the children continue their work on money and fractions (not at the same time!) and also practicing SATs style arithmetic questions.
In topic they have been putting the final touches to our adventure narrative, the children have really enjoyed bringing their stories to life.
In D and T we have been making gingerbread, a recipe from Tudor times,  which links in to our new topic called 'Time Traveler'
We have also planted seeds in our mini indoor garden, with the children growing peas, cress and spinach.
In science the children have been finding out about bacteria,  and how quickly it can multiply.
Just to remind PE continues on Mondays and Wednesdays, with swimming continuing until the Easter holidays.

Week beginning 26th February

This week we have been writing our narrative based loosely on the characters of Robin Hood. The class have been planning  exciting stories, drawing on their knowledge of the medieval era to write an adventure story that keeps the reader gripped to the very end.
We took part in the inter-class Kurling competition, scoring a healthy 60 points. We will have to wait to find out if that is a winning score!
Some of the class attended  the ' Big Bang Experience' at Silverstone Circuit. The children had a great time taking part in science experiments, making marshmallow catapults and collecting lots of freebies.
The children who stayed at school  had a great time doing team-building exercises including making models of the Eiffel Tower out of straws.
Thursday was World Book Day,  and all the children looked fantastic dressed as their favourite literary character. The children got to take part in lots of competition and listen to some great stories.

Week beginning 19th February

We had a great week back after a well deserved holiday.
In art we made some great stop/motion animations related to our topic. We had short films about Robin Hood, Jam tarts and even the deadly plague.
In numeracy we were adding and multiplying fractions as well as learning about money and the value of coins.
On Wednesday we are still going swimming and with only a few sessions remaining everyone is still trying really hard and making super progress!
In PE we have been practising our Curling in preparation for an inter-class competition next week.

We have also been cooking jam tarts (fit for a medieval king!) and designing our own medieval goblets which will make out of clay!

Week beginning 5th February

The final week before the half term was a busy one. On monday afternoon the children have been writing their own diary of their week, continuing their PSHE unit on well- being and taking part in some medieval cooking.
We have also been taking part in our own 'literary festival' including a fantastic visit from the author Eammon Reilly as well as taking part in exciting activities to inspire the children to write. We have linked the week to the '500 words' BBC competition so we hope lots of the children will write their stories and hand them in on the first day back after the half term holidays. The children also got the chance to take part in illustration workshops with Mrs Lapsa. The children had the opportunity to hone their sketching skills focussing on the art work used in the Winnie the Pooh stories by A.A Milne.

Week beginning 29th January
Another busy week in Year 5 at Vernon Terrace. Some of the children were lucky enough to take part in a Athletics competition.  A big well done to all those who took part.
We have been researching Knights in preparation for writing a non- chronological report.  The class have been using the Internet and books to find out as much as they can. I am looking forward to reading them very soon.
In maths we have started our work on fractions, recognising and drawing fractions as well as finding their equivalents.
In PE we have started honing our badminton skills, the children had a lot of fun improving their  technique with their partners.
In science we have been looking at the development of the life-form in an egg,  from it being laid to the baby  bird hatching out, the children did some fabulous drawings to accompany their work.

Reminder - on Tuesday 6th we may be a few minutes late back to school, returning from our 'Internet Safety' trip to the Deco theatre.

Week beginning 15th January
We have been using the information we have gathered to write a diary entry for someone who witnessed the terrible bubonic plague.
In science we have been looking at seed dispersal and the children have been inventing different ways to disperse seeds with a number of lively experiments.
The highlight of the week was our visit to Hazard Alley.The children had a fabulous and informative time learning to recognise hazards and how to make sensible and safe choices when faced with a tricky or dangerous dilemma! These included: making a 999 call, staying safe crossing the road, by the railway line and on an icy lake. Children also learnt how to put an unconscious person into the recovery position. Ask your children about it - they will fill you in with all the details!

Week beginning 8th January

Happy new Year! 
It  was wonderful to welcome the children back and introduce them to our new topic 'Princes, peasants and pestilence'. We also have a new winter themed reading area.
Since we have been back we have tried our hand at printing  medieval   letters and we will use this skill later in our topic. We have been doing outdoor learning and drama to find out what happened to an unlucky person who caught the bubonic plague! Quite disgusting- but a lot of fun.

In numeracy we are taking part in a 2 week unit on area and perimeter then we will do a unit on fractions.

In PE we continue swimming and also took part in an archery competition (fingers crossed because we do not know the results yet!)

In science we are studying 'Life Cycles' and have already been doing some exciting experiments.

Don;t forget its our trip to 'Hazard Alley'  on Thursday. The children are very much looking forward to this morning out.


Year 5 had a very,very,very busy December. 
We rehearsed for the Christmas play for which we had 3 songs to learn and many of the children had lines to learn too!
On the 6th December we had a visit from a local Church organisation, led by Mr Williams; who is a school governor and the children know well from the numerous enjoyable assemblies he has lead. The children took part in an exhibition exploring the real meaning of Christmas.
On the 6th of December it was the christmas fair where the children made and sold key-rings helping to raise lots of money for school funds. That evening was the school disco which the children who attended thoroughly enjoyed.
On the 14th and 15th the children did a marvelous job with their christmas performance of 'Its Christmas' - it was a great performance as you will know if you were lucky enough to come along. On the day of the final performance it was 'Christmas Jumper Day' and we all helped raise money for a childrens charity.
On our final day we went to  church to watch the early years performances and then Party Time!!! 


In topic this week we have been researching the moon landings of 1969. We have done outdoor learning, drama and drama to help us familarise ourselves with this historical event. We now have enough information to write a newspaper front page of this great event.
In numeracy we have been plotting and reading information from bar graphs.
The highlight of the week was though our 'Winter Wonderland' day on Friday. We were lucky enough to be visited by reindeer and it even snowed!
Below are some of the photos from our fun day.


We have had another busy week. In numeracy we have been learning how to read and plot co-ordinates. 
In topic we have been listening to popular songs about space and have attempted to write our own lyrics.
We also had a visit from the Black Hole Planetarium, which managed to bring the night sky into our own school hall. The children were very impressed with the special effects and learned lots of new amazing facts!
In science we have been finding out why we have day and night and the importance of why the earth is tipped on its axis.


The children's swimming lessons are in full swing! They have put put into groups and are working very hard to improve their water skills.
In numeracy we have been working on 2D and 3D shapes, taking part in practical activities as well as making their own 3D shapes.

In topic we have been re-writing our own version of Neil Armstrongs life story. The children even did their own illustrations for the book.

After a restful half-term, children were welcomed back to the new term with a new topic. Up until the christmas holidays our new topic is called 'Stargazers' We will be studying all things about the 'Solar System', including a visit from an actual Planetarium- you should have received a letter about this.
With only a short week this week, children began the topic by researching images of the Solar System, and writing mnemonics to remember the order of the planets from the sun. They were fantastic and are displayed on the wall in the classroom.

This week many of the children have gone on the annual residential, so we will be back on our 'Stargazers' topic next week!

** Important notice - PE lessons are now on a Tuesday, with swimming on a Wednesday**

We have had a busy week, I hope you enjoyed our performance at the Harvest Festival and made a contribution to the 'Hope Center' a local charity the school supports.
Please take a minute to go to the 'extra curriculum' page on our class website, where you can find photos of our trip to Abington Park museum.
Th children had a brilliant morning and the staff at the museum were impressed with the children's knowledge and attitude to learning.

Also, a reminder that swimming starts the first Wednesday after the half term break, a letter has been sent home with all the details.

We have had another busy couple of weeks. In our topic on the Egyptians we have written letters from Egypt describing our lives and experiences as Egyptian farmers. We have also been finding out about the process of mummification! We have enjoyed finding out about all the gory details and acting them out. Later this week we will be writing a set of instructions for mummification!
In science we have been doing numerous experiments about air which proved to be a lot of fun. We can all definitely prove that air exists.
In maths we completes our work on place value, have reacquainted ourselves with addition and subtraction, including the inclusion of decimals and word problems. Over the next couple of weeks we will be covering multiplication and division.

On Friday, we are off to Abington Park museum for our Egyptian experience and look out for the letter about our PE swimming sessions that start the first week back after half term

We are also asking for donations of one pound for our Diwali celebrations. 


We have been back to school for nearly 2 weeks now- and what a busy time we have had.
Settling well into our new class routines, we have begun our first topic of the year - 'The Pharaoahs'
with a pyramid as a reading corner and numerous resources around the classroom the children are fully absorbed in the topic.
They have been finding out about the geography of Egypt and produced fantastic fact files about the river Nile In art they are making Egyptian necklaces and sarcophagus . We are currently planning a trip to Abington Park museum to take part in some exciting egyptian based activities, look out for a letter very soon!
In numeracy, we are spending a few weeks on place value and recapping on the four main operations and in science our topic is 'Gases around us'.
In PE we have been trying to get outside dodging the rain showers, developing our tennis skills and enjoying team games. 

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