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Week beginning 8th January

Happy new Year! 
It  was wonderful to welcome the children back and introduce them to our new topic 'Princes, peasants and pestilence'. We also have a new winter themed reading area.
Since we have been back we have tried our hand at printing  medieval   letters and we will use this skill later in our topic. We have been doing outdoor learning and drama to find out what happened to an unlucky person who caught the bubonic plague! Quite disgusting- but a lot of fun.

In numeracy we are taking part in a 2 week unit on area and perimeter then we will do a unit on fractions.

In PE we continue swimming and also took part in an archery competition (fingers crossed because we do not know the results yet!)

In science we are studying 'Life Cycles' and have already been doing some exciting experiments.

Don;t forget its our trip to 'Hazard Alley'  on Thursday. The children are very much looking forward to this morning out.


Year 5 had a very,very,very busy December. 
We rehearsed for the Christmas play for which we had 3 songs to learn and many of the children had lines to learn too!
On the 6th December we had a visit from a local Church organisation, led by Mr Williams; who is a school governor and the children know well from the numerous enjoyable assemblies he has lead. The children took part in an exhibition exploring the real meaning of Christmas.
On the 6th of December it was the christmas fair where the children made and sold key-rings helping to raise lots of money for school funds. That evening was the school disco which the children who attended thoroughly enjoyed.
On the 14th and 15th the children did a marvelous job with their christmas performance of 'Its Christmas' - it was a great performance as you will know if you were lucky enough to come along. On the day of the final performance it was 'Christmas Jumper Day' and we all helped raise money for a childrens charity.
On our final day we went to  church to watch the early years performances and then Party Time!!! 


In topic this week we have been researching the moon landings of 1969. We have done outdoor learning, drama and drama to help us familarise ourselves with this historical event. We now have enough information to write a newspaper front page of this great event.
In numeracy we have been plotting and reading information from bar graphs.
The highlight of the week was though our 'Winter Wonderland' day on Friday. We were lucky enough to be visited by reindeer and it even snowed!
Below are some of the photos from our fun day.


We have had another busy week. In numeracy we have been learning how to read and plot co-ordinates. 
In topic we have been listening to popular songs about space and have attempted to write our own lyrics.
We also had a visit from the Black Hole Planetarium, which managed to bring the night sky into our own school hall. The children were very impressed with the special effects and learned lots of new amazing facts!
In science we have been finding out why we have day and night and the importance of why the earth is tipped on its axis.


The children's swimming lessons are in full swing! They have put put into groups and are working very hard to improve their water skills.
In numeracy we have been working on 2D and 3D shapes, taking part in practical activities as well as making their own 3D shapes.

In topic we have been re-writing our own version of Neil Armstrongs life story. The children even did their own illustrations for the book.

After a restful half-term, children were welcomed back to the new term with a new topic. Up until the christmas holidays our new topic is called 'Stargazers' We will be studying all things about the 'Solar System', including a visit from an actual Planetarium- you should have received a letter about this.
With only a short week this week, children began the topic by researching images of the Solar System, and writing mnemonics to remember the order of the planets from the sun. They were fantastic and are displayed on the wall in the classroom.

This week many of the children have gone on the annual residential, so we will be back on our 'Stargazers' topic next week!

**Important notice - PE lessons are now on a Tuesday, with swimming on a Wednesday**

We have had a busy week, I hope you enjoyed our performance at the Harvest Festival and made a contribution to the 'Hope Center' a local charity the school supports.
Please take a minute to go to the 'extra curriculum' page on our class website, where you can find photos of our trip to Abington Park museum.
Th children had a brilliant morning and the staff at the museum were impressed with the children's knowledge and attitude to learning.

Also, a reminder that swimming starts the first Wednesday after the half term break, a letter has been sent home with all the details.

We have had another busy couple of weeks. In our topic on the Egyptians we have written letters from Egypt describing our lives and experiences as Egyptian farmers. We have also been finding out about the process of mummification! We have enjoyed finding out about all the gory details and acting them out. Later this week we will be writing a set of instructions for mummification!
In science we have been doing numerous experiments about air which proved to be a lot of fun. We can all definitely prove that air exists.
In maths we completes our work on place value, have reacquainted ourselves with addition and subtraction, including the inclusion of decimals and word problems. Over the next couple of weeks we will be covering multiplication and division.

On Friday, we are off to Abington Park museum for our Egyptian experience and look out for the letter about our PE swimming sessions that start the first week back after half term

We are also asking for donations of one pound for our Diwali celebrations. 


We have been back to school for nearly 2 weeks now- and what a busy time we have had.
Settling well into our new class routines, we have begun our first topic of the year - 'The Pharaoahs'
with a pyramid as a reading corner and numerous resources around the classroom the children are fully absorbed in the topic.
They have been finding out about the geography of Egypt and produced fantastic fact files about the river Nile In art they are making Egyptian necklaces and sarcophagus . We are currently planning a trip to Abington Park museum to take part in some exciting egyptian based activities, look out for a letter very soon!
In numeracy, we are spending a few weeks on place value and recapping on the four main operations and in science our topic is 'Gases around us'.
In PE we have been trying to get outside dodging the rain showers, developing our tennis skills and enjoying team games. 

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