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Tate Modern Visit

Year 6 recently went to the Tate Modern gallery in London.

Rather than me tell you about it, here is what the children had to say:

Keep an eye out for the barrage of pictures that will follow!!!


On Friday 24th of November the year 6 went to London to Tate Modern Gallery. 
As soon as we entered the building we have seen an enormous ball swinging round and round which was made out of metal. The ball was called Pendulum.

In Tate the class was split into 3 groups and then we had fun on a giant playground and spend a little bit time swinging on the One Two Three Swing which was a fantastic chance for flying in the air with friends. 
After that, in the groups we were exploring the bliding and looking at the beautiful pictures and paintings.
There was also a table with a small city which was made out of cous cous but it looked like sand.
 It was my favourite art model.

At 12 o’clock we had lunch.
Later then, we walked through different areas looking at interesting exhibitions.
At the end, I spotted a flag which was made out of blood.

It was a very good time for the class also I can recommend it to everyone. 


  Tate Modern Gallery

On 24th November we visited Tate Modern Gallery in Central London as part of our topic Gallery Rebels.When we got there we couldn't find a parking spot .After ages we finally did,then we walked 5 minutes from the parking area to get to the gallery.When we got there we went into a room and put all of our bags in a locker.Then if anyone needed to go to the toilet they would go,We stayed in the turbine hall for half an hour before lunch time. In the turbine hall we saw 1,2, 3 swings where 3 people at the same time could sit on . We also saw this huge metal ball just swinging side to side!!We lay under it and sketched it - it was fun.

Later,it was lunch time we ate our food in the room with the lockers in.Then we got into our groups and went of to see the installations .The installations looked really nice some looked weird and some didn't even have a meaning but they were still cool.My favourite one was the lobster telephone by Salvador dali because it was just unique the way there was a lobster on the telephone.
 We also sketched some installations in our sketchbooks .

Eventually,it was time to go we said goodbye to the tate and went back but we took lots of pictures. 😔


On Friday, we went to Tate Modern art gallery inside London. It was a 2 hour journey to get there. When we first got to the entrance door, we went in and we saw a huge play ground and everything we saw was art.Then we went in the middle and I saw dozens of swings;all of them had 3 seats. Some were tall and some were short.When we went into our room,we had to put our bags in a locker and then we sat down.After that, we organised ourselves in our group[we went to the toilet before we started to travel]. Then our teacher let us go on the enormous swings.When we went on the swing[me Sandeep and Timothy]Oskar was swinging us so hard I nearly lost grip of the swing but a few minutes later I gained grip. After we had a lot of fun, our group went to a huge place where there was a massive, colourful carpet and a large, silver ball.We were allowed to lay on the carpet.When we finished that, we were just exploring the place and when we found something brilliant, we started to sketch it.Then we had lunch.After we had lunch,we went to sketch more pictures. Finally, we got our bags and went back to school.


First we started the day by getting to school then we got on to the mini bus which was a long journey . Then we finally got to our destination ( Tate Modern ) when we first got there was a massive swinging ball that went side to side it felt like it was going to hit us but it didnt . After that we went and put our bags away then we went to the turbine hall which had a three person swing it might sound like it’s not art but it is because anything can be art everyone loved the swings sadly had to get off them to go with our groups . Next we went into a room full of a timeline full of artists it was really cool, after we went upstairs to a room full of art some were colourful and made out of bright paints and others had more natural paints there was one peice of art made out of blood it cool is’nt it basically anything can be made and turned into art . 

Moving on , then we went to another room which had a sculpture that looked like a faiground ride . Then we went to a room which was a whole peice of art literally one peice of art in a whole room one thing that was cool about the room was that there was a tv alot of people would say that a tv is’nt art but like i said earlier in the text that anthing could be art . Outside of that room was picures of the same man that never really ended and in the same room there was a tape that was showing the man taking lots of pictures. 

Our journey was nearly coming to a end but this is’nt finished theres still more my favioroute bit of the entire museum was a quote that said ‘ I thought art was a verb not a word ‘ . Next we went to a room which had a lobster telephone imajine hhaving that I think the lobster might pinch your ear ,then we went backl to the turbine hall we sat down and sketched the metal swinging ball and the 3 person swing . Finally our jouney came to end so we went to get our bags and get back to Northampton even the outside of the Tate Modern was a peice of art its quite whimsical my words to describe our trip was out of this world


On Friday , we went to London, to visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery. I felt the excitement burst inside me .When we arrived I felt tired already . When we entered the building , we saw a colourful carpet on the floor. Some people were sitting and some people were laying down on the carpet . We also saw a giant ball that rocked diagonally. 

First, we went to the lockers and then we put our bags inside the lockers. After that we saw some orange and grey poles that had three seat swings attached on it . 
The swings were different lengths, some swings were long and some swings were short.

After that, we split up into three groups , I am in Mrs Pugh’s group. We went to a room called Jane Alexander and there were some strange animals and one man (they were all not real) and they were standing on the ground that looked like sand. We also went to a room called Artist and Society and there was a flag called Bandera . It was made out of fabric, blood, earth and others substances.

Then it was lunch time . After lunch , we kept going through thousands of rooms.
Sadly it was time to go back to school . By the time we got back to school half of the class were asleep. I felt tired after the long trip but I had a brilliant time. And then it was time to go home . 


On Friday 24 November my class and i went on a trip to the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London, we had 2 mini-buses and 3 teachers for 3 groups .

First, we spent half an hour on a floor which was a complete installation loads of different sized swings were there and they were so fast. 
Then we spent the final 15 minutes on a illusional carpet under a massive globe-swinging from side to side.

Before very long, we ate our lunch in a private room, then we broke up to go to separate floors of installations we also had specific photographer to take photos of what we saw.

There were so many installations to see. My favorite installation was a village with buildings only made out of cous-cous!

Another one of my favorite installations was a flag made from human blood, earth and material. Unfortunately, once we had finished our glorious trip it was time to head back to school.
I waved goodbye to my remaining friends and classmates, the ones who have not been picked up yet.

I hope I get another chance to go back!!!!!!!


I felt excited when we arrived at the tate modern i thought i was dreaming but i wasn't , when we went inside we saw a rainbow carpet on the floor , more than 16 people were sitting on it ,most of the people were looking up at a big grey ball stuck in the air at the beginning i thought it will fall but it didn't fall after 10 minutes later our teacher told as that we can go on , the swings after me and my friend discovered that under the swings someone wrote (swinging as three, our collective energy resists gravity and challenges the laws of nature) after that we went in a place and we eat our lunch when everyone finish we wenT around the tate modern we only visit 15 rooms in some rooms our teacher told us to sketch some installations in our sketch pads and we even had time to sketch the swings our teacher told us if we had time we can go on them go the funniest part was that the others groups were jealous 
Because they didn't have a second go tate modern was fun and now is my second best trip i wish that i my secondary school we can go there again . 


Our trip to the art gallery was great .Before we got there was the long painful drive. When we got there the whole building was an installation, I loved it . As soon as we walked in ,it was amazing , the very first thing I saw was the giant ball that rocked diagonally ,and the carpet that changes shades the lower you get . As we got down to the lockers we saw orange and grey poles that had 3 seat swings attached on it (all these swings had different lengths of chain on them which changed how high they swing ) ,this all carried on through the hole ground floor and all the way outside . As soon as we put our things ,in the lockers, away we split into 3 groups and ventured of into the gallery. Mr Madleys group went to the tanks first ,which was basically audio . After we went to eat our lunch . Then we went upstairs to Mark Rothko’s work then we went to this strange sculpture which was made out of wood and a few other materials . But before that we went to the surrealism area that had some strange pictures in it. After we went to this projector where you could search for art ( it was really cool since it was touch screen and there were no out marks of us in front of it ) then we did a bit of sketching . After, we went to a room full of african art ,and how we use it in our daily life, and there were pictures of the artists wedding day .After we had a look around the gallery and the last thing we did was go on the swings it was so fun ( I nearly full of since we went to a swing with really short chains) . But unfortunately we had to go home . On the way back home we saw some of the skyscrapers and other tall buildings such as: The London Eye, The Shard, St Paul’s cathedral and so on. By the time we got back to school half of us were asleep. And it was time to go home …


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