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Thursday 17th May
For National outdoor learning day we spent the afternoon doing PE activities at Abington Park. Please remember we have changed PE from Monday to Thursday for the rest of the academic year, so please remember correct PE kit and a water bottle.

Friday 4th May 
A great day at Wicksteed park putting our knowledge of forces into action. We looked at how different pieces of play equipment worked. We learnt that the harder we use the push force the greater speed the equipment moves. We felt teh air resistence whilst on teh swings and teh slides. 

Friday 27th April

We have started learning about Fractions and I have learnt the words numerator and denominator - Melina.
We have learnt about gravity. If we didn't have gravity we would fly up - Ugne.
We made a parachute and tied it onto our animal to slow down the effect of gravity - Rahima.
At the beginning of the week we made our robots out of materials and then we wrote a descriptive piece about them and try to see if we could guess who it was - Saada.
We had to use paragraphs to organise our writing - Iqra.

Friday 20th April

Today we learnt about Gravity - Melina.
We needed to use a lot of force - Rahima.
We went outside to find out how gravity works - Iqra.
If there is no gravity we float - Diya.
We used the push force to throw a ball to see how gravity pulls the ball back to the ground. Diya had the best push force because her ball went the furthest.

We took the weeds out first - Asli
We planted lots of sweetcorn, lettuce and broad beans - Tyrian.
It was hard work doing all the digging - Sadia.
I really liked watering all the plants - Jakub

We looked at the art work of Amy Shackleton to inspire us on how to do gravity painting.Gravity Painting is using the Earth’s gravitational pull to direct the paint. It was amazing the result we got without using paintbrushes.

A great start to our new topic Mighty metals. We have started reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and we had a look at the illustrations he uses throughout the book. In art we used pen and charcoal to sketch pictures from the story, focusing on tone, shade and blending.

Tuesday 17th April 
Well done to everyone for making and bringing in your robots. They look fantastic. 

EASTER HOMEWORK IS TO DESIGN AND MAKE A ROBOT AND BRING INTO SCHOOL THE FIRST DAY BACK. You could use recycling - boxes and tubes, tin cans, yogurt pots, food packaging, tin foil etc... How creative can you be?

Friday 29th March Well done to the year 3 children that entered our school Easter egg competition, especially Ugne who came joint third place for KS2 with her brother. They were very creative and all looked fantastic.

Well done Cameron for winning the class sumdog competition. We have set up a new challenge over the Easter holidays so it could be you next time. 

Fantastic 100% attendance this half term

This week in Literacy we have written newspaper reports about Mount Vesuvius erupting in 79AD. We then worked in groups to create a script and do a news report interviewing two survivors linking to the story Escape from Pompeii.

In numeracy we have done lots of times tables practice and again well done to the children who went home with gold and silver awards for their knowledge of their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Keep practicing!!

Wednesday 21st March
A fantastic and very tiring day at the Pinnacle Center rock climbing, bouldering, abseiling and caving. We were all brave and everyone had a go at every activity. Great team work and am very proud at how well you all represented Vernon Terrace Primary School. 

I have learnt that a fossil is different to a bone. Rahima
Sandstone has small grains inside of it. Asli
A paleontologist is a person that studies fossils. Anisa
We used magnifying glasses to look at rocks and had to sketch them. Cassius
I learnt a new rock name called Sandstone. Alex
I learnt that rocks are different. Diya
I learnt that plants can make fossils. Alexis
I learnt that people and animals can make fossils. Jakub
Organism means a person, a plant or an animal that is alive. Ayaan

Tuesday 13th March
A very messy art session this morning experimenting with different paint techniques for showing lava erupting out of a volcano. We used artwork by Nick Rowland as inspiration. 
Image result for Nick rowland volcano

Friday 9th March

We would all like to say happy mothers day from Hedgehog class.
We have all recorded a special mothers day message for our mum.

Monday 5th March
A really enjoyable PE lesson using Winter sports for inspiration. Towards the end of the session after spending time practicing we became very competitive trying to knock opposing teams off the target. Great thinking skills on working out strategies.

Tuesday 27th February

Friday 23rd February.
Wow! A very busy week. Our Literacy focus this week has been exploring vocabulary, using noun phases and expanded noun phrases to write descriptive poetry. We have created some shape poems and acrostic poems. Have a look at our wonderful writing.

In numeracy we have started looking at statistics where we have been looking at data and pictograms. 

Have a look at our reading challenge class competition. Who will be the first to reach 100?

Tuesday 20th February

Today we went to Overstone to start our science topic of Rocks. We learnt about different types of rocks and had to go on a rock hunt to see what we could find. And of course we had time at the end of the day to have a play.
"We collected stones and rocks and some of us went to the woods and found some really big ones" Saada.
"This was the best day ever because of the mud". Jakub.
"The woods were really muddy". Sadia
" A lot of people got really muddy. We got stuck in the mud and our feet kept sinking". Maja.

Monday 19th February
Have a look at our curriculum page to find out what we will be learning this half term.

Friday 9th February

Following on from Mrs Lapsa's assemblies for Literacy week, Mrs Lapsa came into class this morning and did some art with us. She showed us how to sketch and then develop our art further by sketching and adding detail with pen and then adding colour. 
Have a look at our pictures.

Wednesday 31st January

An exciting morning making Greek Dips.

Monday 29th January

We have started the week off by using our place value skills to help us divide a 2 digit number by a one digit number. 

Friday 26th January.

Yet again another busy week. We have been carrying on with the story Icarus and Daedalus and writing the story as a diary from Daedalus's point of view. We are trying extremely hard to add detail into our writing by using conjunctions.

In art and DT we have looked at the difference between Ancient Greek warships and modern warships and created models using all the recycling that was brought in. 

Numeracy has been very tricky this week as we have been learning the formal way of multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number.

Friday 19th January 2018

We have started the new year looking at Ancient Greece. We have learnt the story Pandora's box and Icarus and Daedalus. 

In art and DT we have been looking at Greek patterns found on pots and have created our own patterns using collage and then today we have mastered block printing with acrylic paint and polystyrene tiles.

We have looked at Greek Gods and what they are the God of. We then created charcoal pictures of the Gods. 

Have a look at our photos on our gallery page

September 2017

We have had a very busy start to the year and to begin our topic of Scrumdiddlyumptious we went to Cadbury's World to learn all about the history of Chocolate. 

"We had lots of chocolate and went on a ride and learnt about the United Americans. They grew chocolate in hot places and when the cocoa beans are ready it is a goldeny orange colour". Saada.
"The best part of the day was going to the 4D cinema". Momena
"The chocolate was yummy. Dairy milk was my favorite". Harley.

In class we have learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of eating chocolate.

"It can give us toothache". Pola
"There is too much sugar". Ugne.
"It gives us energy". Bilaal.
"It makes us feel happy" Ayaan.

We have also learnt about where in the world Cocoa trees are found and the make up of the rain forest.

Friday 29th September

We have had a very exciting science day based around the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The troll has been kidnapped but by who?......We need to find out.....

" I think that it was the witch because witches are evil and they don't like other villains". Asli.
"We have been discovering evidence around the school about the crime", Anisa.
"We found Peter Pans hat on the bridge". Bilaal.
" We had the forensics in and learnt about fingerprints and DNA. There are three types of fingerprints - loop, arch and whirl". Ayaan.
"We found some big footprints and they were ginormous. We also found gold glitter all over the floor. Fur was even found". Zuzanna.
" Its been the best day ever because we could wear whatever we wanted. Some of us came in mufti and some of us came as characters". Jakub.

Gallones Ice cream are coming in at 1 o'clock on Tuesday 3rd October - all parents invited.

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