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Week 2 Monday 17th to Friday 21st September

This week we have had our first trip to Overstone. It was a beautiful day with a warm wind and sunshine. We went looking for signs of Autumn to make our Autumn wreath and to collect some good describing words for our poems.  Some of the writing has been fantastic - we'll try to post some of them on next week's blog.

We are starting to read some information books ready to write our own next week.  

Here are some of our photos from our Overstone trip.

Week 1 Monday 10th - Friday 14th September 2018

On the first day of Garden room we opened our presents and got books,gardening gloves,bookmarks,notebooks and many more.

We had a busy first week - we harvested potatoes and cooked them as well as visiting the allotment to plant two new raspberry bushes ready for some delicious fruit next summer.

I think it is going to be a fun-packed year of learning!

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