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Bees Curriculum

Nursery Medium Term planning

Spring 2, 2018

Over arching theme “Traditional Tales-Easter”

Every week our daily AF and group time focus

Mon – Activities connected to the story of the week & Parent Involvement Storytelling session @ 9:15 & 2:45 (starting 26th Feb)

Tues – Number focus activities & at group time

Wed – Music & Rhyme at group time, learning walks in local community.

Thurs – Reading focus & story time (Lead by Kerry)

Fri – Phonics small group work with Helen to include a letter/sound of the week & Jolly phonics at group time.

Staff remit:

Jodie – MS in morning & PD in afternoon

Helen – MK in morning, Paperwork including new admissions (Mon), PP 1:1 support once per week (Tues) (Arisha & Amez…) Phase 2 phonics on a Friday.

Kate – Outside provision to include a focus on observations of N & R & all group times when in nursery.

Kerry (Thurs) – Reading 1:1 & with small groups within the session, story at group time & nursery books to go home (Kate to take over in PM).

Heather (Mornings only) – First words & Targeted work with LA

Staff time table:

Jodie: Family Funs from 2pm on Mon (Debbie to cover), Out on Fri PM (Heather to cover)

Helen: Mon –Fri fulltime but takes time out flexibly to sort paperwork

Kate: PPA in KS1 on Thurs AMKerry to cover, out on Fri Fahad to cover AM…

Week 1: (Mon 19th Feb- Fri 23rd Feb) “The Little Red Hen”

Settling back to nursery. Jane Worth visiting Mon PM. Communication & Language focus. Helen to complete any First words assessments, group chn & start differentiated group work to develop chn’s understanding & use of key vocab. KB to use “The Little Red Hen” story & a selection of props to assess chn’s understanding. Curriculum News Letter to go out..

Week 2: (Mon 26th Feb - Fri 2nd March) “The Little Red Hen cont”

PI Story time starts on Mon, Two new Uni students starting on Mon.Trip to Central Library on Tues, KB out all day Wed (mini bus to Silverstone), World Book Day Thurs (Dressing up & Bedtime story event), Rosemary Murphy to see MS on Fri @ 9:30

Week 3: (Mon 5th - Fri 9th March) “The Three Little Pigs”

Story time on Mon,Out & About learning starts on Wed

Week 4: (Mon 12th - Fri 16th March) “The Three Little Pigs”

Story time on Mon, Out & About learning on Wed

Week 5: (Mon 19th – Fri 23rd March) “Easter”

Story time on Mon,Parent Consultations on Tues,Trip to Bradlaugh Fields on Wed

Week 6: (Mon 26th - Thur 29th March) “Easter”

Story time on Mon,Trip to Abington Park for an Easter Egg in Abington Park on Wed, End of term Easter celebrations Thurs

Areas of learning to focus on from the Jan assessments & how we will use that information this term:

C&L- Speaking: Small group work focusing on the First Words & Out and About experiences with a focus on C&L.

Understanding: Kate to assess chn’s understanding through use of story & props.

PD- Focus on observing different aspects within outside play; fine motor to be planned for and available for CIL everyday.

UW –Technology: to be planned for and provision to be developed within the environment for CIL

People and Communities: Trip to the library (diff occupations) & learning about Easter (diff ways of life)

L-Reading: PI Story sessions every Mon, trip to central library, celebrate World Book Day, library role play to be set up after our trip, encourage chn to borrow books to share at home from our nursery library, small groups to access the sch library, Kerry to focus on reading & observing chn’s knowledge on a Thurs.

Writing: Helen to plan Phase 2 phonics on a Fri, an enabling environment to be set up every day to encourage writing.

M-Number: Kate to plan differentiated AF every week & ensure all chn access some number learning, learning to be incorporated into nursery routines and group times.

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